About Me

I’m 22. I’m and engineering student. Just finished my degree, going into masters degree. Whatever.

The name Lola came from my middle name Adillah, La, Lola. No one calls me that. It was just a thing from middle school where my friends and I sat around and talked about what nickname we’d want if we ever go to a place no one knows us. I picked Lola. So this is just a platform where no one knows me. If you do find this page and happen to know me in real life, this is the place you find someone you don’t really know unless you’re my best friend. BUT this page is initially made for me to start writing reviews.

I love reading and watching movies. I get obsessed with tv series fandoms a lot. I’ll be talking about books a lot and how they made my perception towards the world change; or maybe about how the book sucked, who knows. I’ll also be talking about the movies, songs and tv series I watch.

I hope you like my thoughts. Please do message me or whatever to say things like “I FREAKING AGREE WITH THAT POST YOU WROTE ABOUT HUNGER GAMES” and such.


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