The Mortal Instruments (Book 1-6)


The last post I posted was on December 10 2015. Today, as I write a new post, is exactly one month after; January 10th, 2016. For one whole month, I’ve read all 6 of The Mortal Instruments book series. I waited till all TV series ended their season and go on break to start reading even when I’ve had the books since September. Believe me, it was a wait worthwhile. Cassandra Clare do not disappoint. I don’t remember specific details. Here goes.

City of Bones – City of Glass

I honestly hated Clary Fray in the first three books. I thought she was weak. I mean, yes, she just found out that demons were real and shit but really, when you practically dragged a blond mafia to a known vampire territory, you gotta at least not just scream and try to help do something when a pack of wolves come attacking Hotel Dumont. Unlike in the movie, book version of Clarissa Fray didn’t try to fight off vamps; she hid behind Jace, shrieking, threw a dagger at one wolf, and went back to the institute thinking that was horrifying. Meanwhile. The other badass hunters slayed the downworlders and didn’t say anything. Alas, believe me, the storyline was so amazing, Cassandra made up of Clary’s weakness.

There are, though, a couple of things I should point out about the difference between the book and the movie. For instance, I actually laughed at the fact that Simon wasn’t really kidnapped for downworlders to get to Clary. He drank something at Magnus’s magnificent party and got turned into a rat, which made vamps think he was one of them turned into a rat while being drunk. Hilarious. Also, it would’ve helped a lot if the movie said somewhere that Jace actually knew Valentine as his father right away when he found him, Michael Wayland, and THAT was why he went with V, not because he was dumb enough to just believe some wild haired stranger (I would’ve love to see Valentine’s silver hair like in the book tho) stating he’s his father. All in all, the book never failed to make me laugh every few pages.

“What’s this?” he demanded, looking from Clary to his companions, as if they might know what she was doing there.
“It’s a girl,” Jace said,recovering his composure. “Surely you’ve seen girls before, Alec. Your sister Isabelle is one.”

The second book was just disturbing with the whole incest relationship (eventhough it was obvious they weren’t siblings – but they didn’t know that) and the deal with “Clary dating Simon but not really” business. The ship scene was marvellous, really. I’ve never been to the lake in New York nor have I ever seen a cruise ship, but Cassandra Clare wrote it so distinctively that I could feel the ground shake when I read Clary rune the ship to wreckage. Simon dying for the second time and Jace donating his double angel blood to a vampire, turning him into the very first daylighter, was also quite the highlight of City of Ashes.

“Well, I’m not kissing the mundane,” said Jace. “I’d rather stay down here and rot.”
“Forever?” said Simon. “Forever’s an awfully long time.”
Jace raised his eyebrows. “I knew it,” he said. “You want to kiss me, don’t you?”

City of Glass was the end of Clary’s weak days. One scene that made me angry was when they were with Hodge for the last time. Sebastian had came and fought with them and with all three brooding boys (Jace, Alec, and Simon) bloody and hurt, Clary was accidentally pushed (hit) aside and fell. Despite Jace’s torn face, Simon’s broken ankle or wtv, and Alec’s bloody figure, Clary, who fell, got the healing rune first. But. Whatever. She went full shadowhunter in the end. They managed to get rid of Valentine with the help of a risen angel at Lake Lyn.

“There is no pretending,” Jace said with absolute clarity. “I love you, and I will love you until I die, and if there is life after that, I’ll love you then.”

City of Fallen Angels

The 4th installment of the book series was a lot of Simon and Jace for me. I loved it. After 3 books of them bickering and going off on each other, this book finally showed Jace’s fragile side and how he actually sees Simon as a friend he can go to.

“What’s this?”
“That’s a mango.” Simon stared at Jace. Sometimes it really is like Shadowhunters were from an alien planet.
“I don’t think I’ve seen one of those that wasn’t already cut up,” Jace mused. “I like mangoes.”
Simon grabbed the mango and tossed it into the cart. “Great. What else do you like?”
Jace pondered for a moment. “Tomato soup,” he said finally.
“Tomato soup? You want tomato soup and a mango for dinner?”
Jace shrugged. “I don’t really care about food.”

Between Simon’s Mark of Cain and Jace’s nightmares of murdering his girlfriend, it was adorable watching (seeing – I mean reading) Jace playing video games with Jordan, waiting for Si to come home from exploding evil people’s brain off.

“Simon looked from one of them to the other (Jace and Jordan), and shook his head. “ When did you two get so buddy-buddy? Last night it was all, ‘I’m the most elite warrior!’ ‘ No, I’m the most elite warrior!’ And today you’re playing Halo and giving each other props for good ideas.”

Aside from that, the ending was honestly unexpected and I’m surprised that I didn’t see it coming. Jace disappearing with Sebastian when everyone else wasn’t around should’ve been predictable but it wasn’t, it really wasn’t.

City of Lost Souls

City of Lost Souls had a lot of funny scenes which I seriously laughed out loud. One of which I can never forget revolved around the fact that they sat around not doing anything and then literally raised Azazel from hell.

“It’s a good thing we know the person who’s dating Magnus Bane,” he said. “Otherwise, I get the feeling we’d all just lie around all the time wondering what the hell to do next. Or trying to raise the money to hire him by selling lemonade or something.”
Alec looked merely irritated by this comment. “The only way you could raise enough money to hire Magnus by selling lemonade is if you put meth in it.”

That didn’t work and then they raised the angel, Raziel or something.

The main story of the fifth book is how Jace got stuck with Sebastian (embedded or something) by Lilith’s spell and no weapon on earth can hurt one without the other one getting hurt also. Therefore they seek heaven and hell for a weapon. The war between Sebastian’s endarkened and rogue faeries with the nephilim ended the book, with Jace stabbed by Clary to separate them (see I told you Clary’s not a wimp after book three).

Also, the cutest conversation Sizzy can have happened.

“Isabelle waved a hand. “No need to worry, big brother. Nothing happened. Of course,” she added as Alex’s shoulders relaxed, “I was totally passed-out drunk, so he could really have done whatever he wanted and I wouldn’t have woken up.”
“Oh, please,” said Simon. “All I did was tell you the entire plot of Star Wars.”
“I don’t think I remember that,” said Isabelle, taking a cookie from the plate on the table.
“Oh, yeah? Who was Luke Skywalker’s best childhood friend?”
“Biggs Darklighter,” Isabelle said immediately, and then hit the table with the flat of her hand.”That is so cheating!”

City of Heavenly Fire

Book six. There isn’t a single flaw in the final book of the series. City of Heavenly Fire literally made me laugh like a child in one page and cry like a mad person in the very next page. For example, the time Simon got drunk and screamed in Alicante professing his love for Izzy.

“Isabelle!” he called again. “Let down your raven hair!’
“Oh my God,” Clary muttered. “There was something in that blood Raphael gave you, wasn’t there? I’m going to kill him.”

“Isabelle!” Simon called. “Stop throwing clothes at me! Just because you’re a Shadowhunter and I’m a vampire doesn’t mean we can never happen. Our love is forbidden like the love of a shark and a—and a shark hunter. But that’s what makes it special.”

I don’t really have words to describe my feeling reading the final installment of the series because I think, too much emotional scenes made me speechless.

For literally 3 whole books, Cassandra Clare made me hate one person so much I felt like portalling to that bloody apartment (or realm, if in book 6) and stab him myself, no matter the consequence. And in the very last book, in the last chapter, Cassandra made me cry when he finally died. That’s how speechless I was when the book finished.

The thing that struck me most (because Sizzy are my fav characters) was that they both got really close in the end, perhaps becoming an even more perfect couple then Clace because they didn’t have angel blood in them stringing them together. They were just Simon and Isabelle, a geek daylighter and a troubled shadowhunter, in love.

Simon hid the fact that he was inordinately pleased by this. “Are we officially boyfriend and girlfriend? Is there a Shadowhunter ritual? Should I change my Facebook status from ‘it’s complicated’ to ‘in a relationship’?”
Isabelle screwed up her nose adorably. “You have a book that’s also a face?”

Of course, the fact that Simon lost ALL his memories about the 5 of them and the hidden world to save them made me bawl my eyeballs out. Thanks a lot for that Cassie. Really.

There’s so much I want to quote from Cassandra Clare but I’m afraid if I do, I’d end up rewriting 3 books. I cannot wait to read the rest of Cassandra Clare’s brilliant work. I’ll be posting another one on Tales of Shadowhunter Academy later tomorrow.


Fantasy/Teen: 10/10




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