Tales of Shadowhunter Academy

At the end of the Mortal Instruments books, I’m not gonna lie, I felt empty and lost because I felt like I lost 6 best friends and I’m never going to see them ever again. And it hurt. After that, I found Cassandra’s amazingly written chapters about the shadowhunter academy and how Si (a mundane turned vamp turned daylighter turned bearer of the mark turned mundane) works his way through broken memories and turn into a shadowhunter.

The whole thing was amazing. The chapters went back and forth with the experienced’s stories of the history. At first, I was worried that I’d get confused (I’m not a fan of books with too many names – I can’t remember them) but that was before I read it. Cassandra Clare wrote about history so simply that I wish she’d written my history books when I was in high school.

Side stories included Robert Lightwood in the circle, Michael Wayland, Jem Carstairs in his young age and his first few years being a silent brother (Brother Zachariah), Will Herondale being Jem’s parabatai, James Herondale meeting Michael Carstairs. They were absolutely beautiful. I loved every single one of their flashbacks.

The short stories of the academy also follows through with Simon’s ascending, the Sizzy relationship, and Si’s parabatai, Clary.

“None of this is fair. It isn’t fair that part of your life was ripped from you. It’s not fair that you were ripped away from me. I’m so angry Simon.”

Simon and Izzy went off on a rough patch where I honestly thought they’d be over. And that wasn’t fair. Having Simon professing his love for Isabelle right before he loses his memories was painful. In the end, I thank god for Cassie Clare for not going against what the fans want and destroy ships, unlike some fictions who think going rogue is cool (*cough* pretty little liars *cough*).

Isabelle let out her breath in an irritated puff. “Simon Lewis, are you forgetting that you were a mundane when I started dating you? A scrawny mundane with terrible fashion sense, I should point out. And then you were a vampire, and I still dated you. Then you were a mundane again, but this time with freaking amnesia. And still, inexplicably, I fell in love with you all over again. What could possibly make you think I have any standards left when it comes to you?”

Other than my fav Simon x Isabelle story, there was also hilarious moment when Robert Lightwood talked to Magnus about the adopted baby Malec just got.

“I couldn’t help but notice that the baby is blue,” Robert said. “Alec’s eyes are blue. And when you do the”—he made a strange and disturbing gesture, and then made the sound whoosh, whoosh—“magic, sometimes there’s a blue light.”

Magnus stared at him. “I’m failing to see your point.”

“If you made the baby for yourself and Alec, you can tell me,” said Robert. “I’m a very broad-minded man. Or—I’m trying to be. I’d like to be. I would understand.”

“If I made . . . the . . . baby . . . ?” Magnus repeated.

He was not certain where to start. He had imagined Robert Lightwood knew how babies were made.

“Magically,” Robert whispered.

“I am going to pretend you never said that to me,” said Magnus. “I am going to pretend we never had this conversation.”

I swear to god, I have never laughed so hard. It amused me that most of the hilarious quotes, if read by someone who doesn’t know these characters, were just words. It was a nice thing, to know that I have this 6 books worth of knowledge in my head that made made me love 440+ pages of quick witted humor. I gotta say though, the most ridiculous funny scenes were definitely interactions between Jace and Simon. You could really hear how Jace misses their constant fighting while also wanting to punch him in the head for playing around with Simon’s no-memory brain.

“So you just came here to torture me and talk about yourself?” Simon demanded.

“Oh Simon, Simon, Simon,” said Jace. “You may not remember, but that’s kind of our thing.”

People are always saying that “The perfect people only exist in books”. Well, not in this book, these characters were a mess. No, worse, they were a train wreck of all train wrecks piled up on a train wreck.But they were some heck of a beautiful disaster. I’m not sure how I’m going to live after this knowing that these imperfect perfect people aren’t actually alive. I’m trying. In the mean time, I’m going to draw runes on my hand till I move on.

“You’re a heartbreaker, Isabelle Lightwood,that much I know.”

Fantasy/Teen: 10/10



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