Scream Queens, Season 1

Scream Queens premiered with Chanel Oberlin, wicked witch of the west (or wherever she came from), dominating Wallace University, one Chanel at a time. Chanel Oberlin was a psychopath. She wears complete designer material from head to toe, numbers her minions, has a super-gross-like-disgusting-rich family, and eats flavored cotton balls when she’s hungry.

I gotta say, the show had that edgy bitchy humor that I personally have never seen my entire life on any other TV shows or movies. The only time I’ve seen such hideous attitude and still love the characters was from the movie Clueless; and Cher wasn’t even mean, making this the first show in the industry filled with lovable bitches.

The story revolved around a masked mass murderer who kills off the campus students, one pledge at a time, wearing the college mascot, the red devil. After one accidental murder of Ms. Bean (the maid) by Chanel herself, the star studded series started off by killing off their big star, Ariana Grande (Chanel No. 2) after she wanted to leave Kappa Kappa Tau (KKT). For those who haven’t seen the episode yet, don’t worry, the scene was hilarious, no gore, I promise.

The season continued with more murders and them accusing each other of being the red devil. I thought it was all fun and games; a once in a week comedy, until the last couple of episodes.

I started feeling something other than humor when Grace and Zayday went to Chanel No. 2’s house to check if she really was on a holiday. I didn’t expect to feel sorry for No. 2. Her parents doesn’t even know she’s dead, doesn’t even know if she’s in Campus or whatever. When they found all the bodies during Chaneloween at the shady lane house, No. 2’s parents don’t even care. They went on a holiday. Chanel Oberlin (I repeat: CHANEL OBERLIN), the worst person on the show, was the one who serviced her funeral with pretty flowers, beautifully I might add, despite her awful hilarious speech.


After that, the feels added up when we get to watch the Thanksgiving episode. I swear to god, I almost shed a tear watching the episode, almost. For Thanksgiving, we went on a road trip to Chanel No. 5’s house. No one asked her how she was. No one cared that her sorority house was hunted down by a murderer. They literally ignored her and watched a huge flat screen TV while eating Thanksgiving dinner at individual tables. Chanel No. 5 had to eat at the back with her maids because she was late. It really ripped my heart out to watch this girl, scared for her life at campus, to actually have a family who doesn’t give a shit about her. No wonder she’s a Chanel.

Chanel Oberlin went to Chad Radwell’s house for Thanksgiving. Long story short, it was awful. The mother is a stuck up snob who thinks all women dating her children are out to get her money. Also, No. 6 came up and it got worse. Chanel called her mother for advice and she hung up on her saying she was busy being drunk. I honestly thought it was going to get worse with those two bickering at each other, but no, it ended up with a charade game gone obviously wrong where they threw harsh and rude comments at No. 6, calling her a slut, a gold digger, a neckbraced whore. It was so bad that I think my face was red watching them acting so hideously. It was so bad that Chanel Oberlin, psychopathic bitch, stood up and yelled at them for being assholes; despite her want for Chad, and left.

At the end of that episode, they all had Thanksgiving with their real family, the Kappa house. You know, after Chanel No. 5 came back after she went home and found that her parents left for the Caribbean during the holidays without even telling her at least. And it all worked out well till they found Gigi’s head on the plate instead of a Turkey.

The finale was what everyone has been talking about now. While everyone’s thinking about how Hester got away with murder when she obviously, literally just told the whole room the entire plot, saying it’s the three Chanel’s plots. I honestly can’t believe that Grace and Zayday believed it, I mean, how the hell would Hester, newcomer Chanel No. 6, know all those theories about No. 5 and No. 3 plotting? I mean, that would’ve mean they plotted before she came, so how would she have known. And the daddy letters to No. 3? Psychiatrist letters? It was such an obvious plot AGAINST the Chanels. But that’s not what I’m reviewing, I believe Hester will be brought to justice in the upcoming seasons.

I liked how the ending showed Chanel and her minion’s lives in the asylum after they were framed of murdering 47 people. Chanel’s parents disowned her and told the court they think she’s the murderer. Chanel No. 5’s parents weren’t even paid, just talked to by Hester and they just gave her away, saying she was adopted from Gigi, just because No. 5 was a little bit weird and not pretty like other skinny bitches. If there’s one huge lesson learned from this series, it’s definitely that you should be a good parent before they become bitches at campus or be a psycho murderer like Hester after being left as a baby.

Chanel’s screaming at the court was hilarious, no doubt, but it was really sad watching the asylum scenes. I personally thought it was sad that they were finally happy when they’re in an asylum. Chanel wasn’t mean and actually liked No. 5 finally. No. 3 got a girlfriend. Chanel saying the best part is that they don’t have to be skinny for boys anymore and actually ate real food in the asylum was the saddest happiest thing in the show.

Since it’s Ryan Murphy, I get the feeling that the red devil story will end on that hanging plot line where the murderer doesn’t get caught and innocent, slightly delusional, psychopathic Chanels, are put into Asylum for murders they didn’t commit. Also, just saying, since I’m on a roll here, Boone being the red devil was too obvious since they showed him being undead too early. But I guess that was called for because Ryan wanted the red devil issue to finish fast in just one season so whatever. I do not like Ryan Murphy’s endings.


I do hope for the return of the cast, though, even if it is a new scream story. Emma Roberts was a gem, just, putting it out there. I truly hope the show will get a Season 2.

Thriller/Comedy: 9/10



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