Gone Girl

I have finally watched the movie Gone Girl. For the first time. Yes I know it’s late but I’m still going to write about it months overdue. Just a short one.

Gone Girl was synopsistically (can that be a word) a story about a man who lost his wife on the morning of his anniversary/divorce day. Gone Girl ended being a story about a man framed by his own wife for the murder of her own self.

Amy Dunne was a genius. A psychopath non the less, but a genius. Her husband’s ignorance towards their financial downward spiral and his unfaithfulness brought out the crazy in her. (Honestly, what wife wouldn’t go crazy though. I mean yes he was controlled and whatever but who doesn’t want financial stability over mental stability?) She faked her kidnap, planned the perfect ending to her mystery novel, but she went and killed it by not killing herself and called her obsessed ex boyfriend. Blew it. You can’t just plan a long ass story of an abusive husband and end up being kidnapped by your ex I mean come on. She stopped being a genius and went insane stupid after that. She’s crazy. Whatever.

I guess my take on this movie was a little bit of how smart she was, a little bit of how fucking insane she was, a little bit of how much Nick was an ass to ignore his wife’s nagging about bills and shit, and a little bit of how Nick was a dick to have an affair with his student. But in the end, I guess, there’s this one big picture this mystery thriller painted for me.

Gone Girl’s one main lesson was that marriage is hard. Sure, there was a little twist in it, ie being the wife was insane, but that was the lesson I learnt. From her excerpt in the movie, she said the first 2 years in the diary was true. Which means that they were perfect. They met perfectly, they stayed perfect for at least 2 years. Now, I don’t know about the whole “I pretended to be who you wanted me to be” thing going on between those two, but it seemed pretty hard to act as in love as they were when noone’s watching for 2 years.

Things went down the hill when they got layed off. Money pressure turned Nick into a scared husband on a leash and Amy into a crazy nagging bitch. Cheating turned Amy into a psychopath and Nick ignorant towards his wife’s crazy elaborate plan. If Nick could’ve kept his buddy in the pants, he wouldn’t have gotten layed off, they wouldn’t have money pressure, Amy wouldn’t have brought out her inner mental illness, they’d still be that sweet couple she wrote about in her diary.

But it’s real life marriage. If those series of events didn’t happen, something else ought to happen to mess with the marriage.

What are you thinking? How are you feeling? Who are you? What have we done to each other? What will we do?

I don’t really know how to end this review. She’s crazy, yes, but I gotta say; that was a waste of good love.

Thriller/Mystery: 9/10



One thought on “Gone Girl

  1. Nice short review! It was pretty scary how they went from ”perfect” to having some (unfortunately) not uncommon marital problems to complete, utter shit show!

    I loved how the first scene and last scene were an exact mirror of each other, with the perceptions of both characters changed and their tender hug being the complete opposite.


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