The Boy Who Could See Demons by Carolyn Jess-Cooke

Slowly creeping in into my “age appropriate-mainstream” genre of books, this book seemed like the perfect book to talk about. The boy who could see demons. The title speaks for itself, doesn’t it?


This book was quite a special one. The story revolves around a 10 year old boy named Alex, not your typical 10 year old though. He had a demon. The demon’s name was Ruen.

The story telling in this book is amazing I could never keep up fast enough. Without giving away too much information (because I don’t really know how to put the story into short words), I’ll tell you only a couple of interesting things to make you want to read the book.

  1. Ruen has 4 appearances: Horn Head, Monster, Ghost Boy, Old Man.
  2. Alex goes to a shrink named Anya who soon believes that Alex does indeed have a demon latched on to him like a soul sucking parasite, except he doesn’t suck Alex’s soul, he wants Alex to take a soul of another.
  3. Ruen wrote Anya a love song.
  4. The ending was finite and left us with very little to imagine with; but alas, a little is just enough for me to think that Ruen isn’t gone.

Read it, every page; really does wonders to your noodle. If you try to skip to the back, it won’t work trust me I tried.

Horror/Fiction: 8/10

Buy here: Amazon, MPH



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