Wonderland by Taylor Swift

Now I could go on and on about how Taylor’s lyrics are so poetic it makes most of us who actually listen to it carefully want to reevaluate the way we look at our lives. Some of other songs really could change our perspectives on things, our emotions. She brings out the emotions we know we have inside us but just can’t say it out in the right words; because she has the right words. She always has the right words.

In her latest album, 1989, she really put out all the feels. Listen closely and you can hear all her broken pieces screaming at you, saying how hard it was to have a relationship in the industry, how beautifully broken both sides of the relationship were.

The song I feel the most is Wonderland. I’ll save you the ramble and write out my fav lyrics from the song.

But there were strangers watching
And whispers turned to talking
And talking turned to screams.

Strangers talking. Whispers turned to talking. In her world, media blowing up like the Hiroshima with Taylor Swift starring as Hiroshima. And instead of terrified screams in Japan, they’re all in a 5 inch brain of a talented young artist who took too much more pressure than she should’ve. But she’s in the industry right? She asked for it; knew it was coming right?

We found wonderland
You and I got lost in it
And we pretended it could last forever

This. I think this was obvious, but beautiful nonetheless. “We found wonderland” is the only thing normal love songs talk about. But not all love stories end well, we all know that. This; she and him were so in love, so over everyone talking about them. They were lost in love and they didn’t even care.

Knowing you’re on a broken road but still going full speed because you love each other, is probably the most romantic thing I could think of and Taylor portrayed it perfectly in words that pierced through us as a beautifully tragic love.

And life was never worse but never better
In wonderland

I think these last sentences of the song just spoke for itself. A beautifully tragic love story never really has hills and pits. They have a forest full of thorns and you walk through it everyday pretending everything’s okay just because you have each other. These love stories only end with the lovers parting on their own will; leaving the forest with each half of each other’s heart and always going to have that little twitch when someone says the other’s name.

Leaving, they will never be in love again, perhaps; but love? It’ll always be there; and that’s beautiful.



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