Rockoholic by C.J. Skuse

For my first book review, I thought I’d start with one of my simpler books. Rockoholic by C.J. Skuse.

The version I got was the left one., bought at a book sale for RM8. If you’re from Malaysia, be sure to look out for this book at the yearly Big Bad Wolf Book Sale at the MIECC; they usually have it. My usual go-to books are sci fis and fantasies but 2 years ago I just felt like my brain was going to explode on sci fi knowledge and intense feels that I had to get a teenage fiction with exploding neon book cover. And this was such a good book, I regret nothing.

The book’s about your average teenager kidnapping a rockstar. Average?

The story line goes as it is. She goes to a concert, get stomped on and such, went backstage, kidnapped Jackson Gatlin, frontman of The Regulators. But that’s not the fun part of the book. The fun part is that he hates his life so much, he doesn’t want to get out of Jody’s garage house in the backyard. The fun-ner part is that he’s so stuck up and such a mess, I would’ve thrown him off a bridge into a river (This kind of happened in the book. Read it. I won’t spoil too much).

There was also this guy, Mac. He’s cute. Jody thought he was gay when even from the beginning of his hot chocolate bringing-jacket wearing-funeral hijacking character introduction, I knew he was the one we should be watching. He freaking waited hours out in the cold (not exactly) while Jody goes in the concert and accidentally kidnap a rock star for goodness sake. How is that not actually-secretly the perfect guy in a book?

But no, I will not spoil the whole book for you. Just hinting mega important shit. So yeah, I think, if you need some light (not that light) reading with a lot of feels, this is perfect.

Teen/Fiction: 9/10


Ps: I found a real band named The Regulators with actual not-so-bad songs(mostly covers). Don’t open the link if you don’t wanna spoil your in-your-mind image of the band (because they’re not as hot as the ones in the book).


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